Trade Size Really Does Matter
June 13, 2017 (Tue)  16:30  US/Eastern

Presented by Bennett McDowell, CEO of

Trade size matters greatly in trading, especially when it comes to controlling your risk and maximizing your returns. Too many shares or contracts, or too large a trade, can expose your account to excessive risk and even “risk of ruin.” Conversely, too few shares or too small a trade can prevent you from optimizing your rate of return and adversely affect your bottom line.
Join Bennett McDowell of® as he shows how to determine the right size for each and every trade. He’ll also share money-management techniques that can make a huge difference in your trading success. Bennett uses these techniques in his own trading, and they can work for any trader in any market and on any time frame.

In this live webinar, Bennett will discuss:

• How money management can turn a losing account into a profitable one
• How to calculate the proper size for each and every trade
• Why trading a round number of shares or contracts can be big mistake
• When and how to use stop-loss exits
• How to make the “risk of ruin” tables work to your advantage.

* Options trading is not suitable for all investors. Please click here to view the document titled

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